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Somehow, three people worked, who built something. They were all doing the same thing, but when they were asked what they were doing, the answers were different. One said: “I crush stones,” another said: “I earn my living,” the third replied: “I am building a temple.”

We are a development team with extensive experience each in its field. We are united by professionalism and obsession with achieving a goal. A systematic approach allows you to achieve high results. We are located in Riga, and using modern development methods, we are able to work with clients from any country and speak different languages. The latest development tools make projects fast, manageable, and secure. The knowledge of modern technologies, in some of which we are participants, guarantees demanded and effective solutions to the tasks set by clients.



Happy customers


years of experience


won the competition


completed projects


Full documentation support, task planning, execution schedules, meeting deadlines, quick answers, warranty service, help with resources and knowledge, user training, experienced recommendations


Target audience, User interface, Style, Design, Layout, Database, Frontend (site) and Backend (admin) programming, Testing, Site content (content), SEO, Testing, Warranty


Publishing, Further Support, Training, Extensions



Programming languages

PHP, JavaScript, HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, SQL, Perl, Python, Ruby, JAVA, Objective-C, Swift, C/C++



mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, Sybase, mSQL, Firebird, Informix, Interbase, SQLite, dBase, MS Access



Yii, Symfony, Zend, Ruby on Rails, Code Igniter, Laravel, Kohana, CakePHP, Phalcon, Aura, Flight


JavaScript frameworks

jQuery(-UI, Mobile), Prototype, Ext JS(all Sencha), Vue, Angular, Google Web Toolkit, MooTools, AngularJS, Dojo,


Template and markup

LESS, SASS, Smarty, Twig, Haml, JScore, PURE, BadaJS, Rage, Django


Development tools

Jetbrain PHPStorm, Redmine, Subversion/GIT, SSH, Photoshop/Illustrator



Search (Google, Yandex), Social (Facebook, Twitter), Weather (AccuWeather), Sales (eBay, Amazon, Salesforce), Media, File, Reservation (Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals)


Payment systems

BankLink(SwedBank, SEB, DNB), Paysera, myPos, FirstData(MasterCard, VISA), Paypal, WebMoney, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net


SEO and SEM optimization

Code optimization, Keywords, Audience, Relink, Copywriting, Translations, Editing, Contextual advertising, Banners



Managed web hosting, VPS / VDS virtual servers, Dedicated servers, Cloud solutions, VPN, VNC, Windows, Linux. In Russia, USA, Germany, Latvia



Information systems (servers, personal computers, network and other equipment), Data storage and protection (including backups, anti-spam and viruses)



Ongoing software development to facilitate the business processes of the enterprise, Audits, Selection of IT personnel, Communications, Judicial and legal issues

  • Creation 99%
  • Leadership 100%
  • Sociability 100%
  • Russian, Latvian, English 80%
  • Deadlines 99%
  • Security and Privacy 99%


Website development

EUR1650/per website

Full website development

Website Advertising

EUR450/per month

SEO optimization and advertising on the Internet

IOS/Android/Windows Application Development


Modern method of business promotion

Multilingual and multi-purpose Website or Online Store

Help in choosing a hosting and domain

This is the perfect solution for a startup site as well as for professionals.
In the process of developing the site, we mean creating a working tool for effective work on the network, understanding and introducing into the resource those elements that are able to bring new customers to you, which in turn will pay money.
We value each client, we also value our work, therefore our projects are a creative product performed by the best specialists and aimed at developing your business.

  • Modern design;
  • Mobile version;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Multilingualism;
  • Site administration system;
  • Over 30 modules;
  • More than 12 payment methods;
  • More than 8 delivery options;
  • Progress reports;
  • Development period up to 5 days;
  • 5 year warranty;
  • 24/7 support ready to answer any questions;

Website Advertising

When ordering for 6 months, the cost is 1500eur

Search engine advertising is called one of the most effective for promoting Internet services. Every day, the search engine processes multi-million dollar user requests. Therefore, every interested person has the opportunity to order advertising. This method is one of the fastest to meet your goals, that is, increase sales growth. Advertising in the search engine will allow your site to be displayed on the Internet to the target audience. That is, only those who are interested in it will see ads. Site data will be displayed on the first page of the search engine. Low cost and high return - these are the bonuses that advertising on search engines offers. When ordering advertising, you can specify the geo-targeting, that is, users will see in the advertisement depending on the specified geographical location. You can also set time targeting, that is, ads will be shown at the specified time of day. In addition, it is possible to take into account recent user issues. Website advertising is a quick way to attract more attention to your products or services.

  • SEO Audit and Correction of the site;
  • Analysis of potential customers;
  • Keyword selection;
  • Increase website traffic;
  • Progress reports;
  • 24/7 support ready to answer any questions;

IOS/Android/Windows Application Development

We create fast, vibrant and popular applications.

For most types of small businesses, we already have ready-made solutions, which can significantly reduce the time and cost of creating a mobile phone application. We will provide you with a personalized solution for your task. Mobile applications are created on a turnkey basis, taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the individual characteristics of a particular business. We ourselves publish programs to the Appstore and Google Play app stores, while providing full technical support for our product. You will only have to work with your customers.
We offer a powerful software product that will allow you to confidently step into the era of mobile devices.

  • Customer contacts;
  • Direct call from the program;
  • Loyalty and bonus systems;
  • Menu / prices for goods and services;
  • Poster / events with a control system;
  • Social networks;
  • Photo and video gallery;
  • Feedback and feedback;
  • PUSH notifications;
  • Calendar and tasks;
  • Share in other applications;
  • Online store;
  • Calculator or calculation of services;
  • Voice recorder, video and photo recording;
  • The application immediately for iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows Phone;
  • 24/7 support ready to answer any questions;

We are always free and ready to work.


  • Secure Development Certificate

    Our experts have passed and graduated with honors certification for the protection and reliability of methods for developing web and Internet solutions.

  • The best developer of 2014


    Our company received an award and recognition as the best developer for 2014 according to the European Association of Web Developers.

  • Version control system

    since 2001

    Version control systems have become an integral part of life not only for software developers, but also for all people who are faced with the problem of managing and controlling rapidly changing information and want…

  • Modern user interface

    since 2014

    The modern user interface Modern UI, formerly known as Metro UI, consisting of flat rectangles with large inscriptions, became quite popular among users in 2013 and still remains relevant. For this concept, there are many…

  • Parallax effect

    since 2011

    Single-page sites and the use of the parallax effect. The parallax effect is as follows: due to the different speeds of the layers of the layout when scrolling the page, there is an amazing effect…

  • Development methods

    since 2000

    We use modern and fast team development methods. Agile methods are such flexible methodologies as Lean Development, Scrum, etc. They were developed back in the early 2000s as an alternative to inefficient traditional IT methods.…

  • HTML5 and CSS3

    Application of modern technologies HTML5 (Handlebars templates) and CSS3 (using preprocessors LESS, Stylus) The current implemented HTML5 features are as follows: new elements for placing audio and video on the page, offline tools, animation, new…

  • Adaptive HTML layout

    Responsive website design has become widespread since 2013. The responsive design of the site allows you to view and work with the site on various mobile devices, and there is no longer a need to…


Our customers say

"The work on the site was long and difficult, but all our requests and comments were taken into account and implemented by 2WEBSITE at a high professional level. Next, there was a need to promote the site, and we continued cooperation on site advertising. We are satisfied and plan to continue our cooperation."


CEO likeMyCase

"Since 2008, we have been successfully cooperating with the 2WEBSITE team. The site, developed by a team of experts, met all our expectations. Thanks to their work, the number of our customers and sales has increased."


President SPOLITE

"Thank you so much for the prompt support in all matters! I have been a client since 2011 and I am very pleased that I chose Vladimir! Always useful, competent, qualified and timely help in various situations related to my site. Thanks again!"

Oscar Cinsks

Owner SIA Baltars

"At our first meeting, Vladimir gives the impression of a person who is well versed in "his own business" and possesses two important qualities: an operational, clear analysis of the situation, highlighting the main points that deserve close attention; 2. offering several solutions."


Technical Director SIA "Gift 4 You"

"Thank you so much for your help in developing our project. Not every day it is possible to meet a team that knows how to listen and understand the requirements to the smallest detail."

Serge Cvetkov

President Riga Stag Weekend Ltd.

"In our difficult time, when projects change direction, and their tasks increase, cooperation with an understanding and helping team helps you develop your business."

Evgeny Zapalsky

Director Ок авто Ltd.

"As a market leader, we make the most stringent requirements for our partners - we need only the highest quality services. And we are pleased that our long-term partner in the field of software development and testing is such a competent and professional company as 2website."

Avaz Jafarov

President ProBaku Ltd.

Some of our customers


  1. Idea

    The first meeting and discussion of the project, ideas, plans, goals and objectives

  2. Planning

    Sketches (mockups), description (terms of reference), work schedule

  3. Design

    Style and interface - decoration and user-friendly

  4. HTML/CSS Coding

    Layout of design and effects for optimal performance in various OS and browsers

  5. Frontend

    Database and public part programming

  6. Backend

    Development and adjustment to the needs of the administrator (s) of the control system

  7. Testing

    Check all functions in real time

  8. Content

    Filling the project with contents: texts, pictures, etc.

  9. Production

    Project launch, open access and indexing in search engines


Vladimir Kiselyov
Senior developer
An experienced professional who is able to realize any decisions at a high level.
  • Web and App development 99%
  • Management 90%
  • Communication 100%
Alexander Chizhov
SEO optimizer
Floating in the otherworldly spheres of analytics, attendance and communications advertising gurus.
  • Google 99%
  • Yandex 90%
  • BING 80%
Anastasy Fostiropulo
The clients attracted by her stay with us forever. Not one client was injured while working with her.
  • Copywriting 85%
  • CMS-s 90%
  • Manuals 99%
Evgeny Fedorov
Graphic Designer
The winner of the contests, experienced and always ahead of all the trends of styles and trends.
  • Photoshop 100%
  • Illustrator 80%
  • Flash 60%


Kr. Valdemara 118, kab. 317
Riga, Latvia


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